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Mushrooms were nature's
best kept secret.

Until now!

We've combined fast-food convenience with superfood effectiveness to bring you the power of mushrooms in a revolutionary new way.

Why Four Sigma Foods Superfood Mushroom Drinks?

The most effective products

Pure Mushrooms

Wild-picked and log-grown mushrooms, carefully tested for pesticides, heavy metals, irradiation and aflatoxins. We use 100% fruiting bodies, no cheap mycelial biomass.
high quality ingredients


We use a dual -extraction process to get every bit of superfood goodness out of the mushroom. Effective dosage of mushroom extract - up to 1500 mg of it!
Incredibly easy-to-use

Individually packed portions

Combining superfood effectiveness with fast-food convenience. Individually packed on-the-go packets.

Mushrooms are superfoods
for your immunity and hormonal balance

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