As we have created this highly developed modern society, we have also created many severe global issues: polluted air, contamination of our seas, growing amount EMFs, and lethal influenzas – just to name a few. These issues, of course, lead to greater prevalence of health complications: cardiovascular diseases, obesity, cancer, ever increasing mental stress, Alzheimer’s disease, and chronic lung problems just to name a few. It’s clear to us that our current lifestyle is not sustainable anymore.


By studying our history we can see how we humans once lived in balance with the planet for thousands and thousands of years. We have always known how to ecologically thrive on this gorgeous little blue ball! By applying some of that ancient knowledge we can again live in harmony with nature. Obviously we can’t turn back time and all head to the caves again, but we can hand pick a few simple methods. Large changes are difficult to adapt to, but everyone can upgrade, add, or replace a few small things in their current daily routines with higher quality options. Food just happens to be one of the easiest elements to start with.



Combining the timeworn herbal knowledge with the needs of our modern urban lifestyle, Four Sigma Foods now brings to you some of the world’s oldest and time tested dietary solutions in a new simpler way. These real power foods are all killer, and no filler delivering thriving feelings despite all the contemporary personal challenges we might encounter daily.

Normal distribution is proven to be extremely accurate across several sciences, including natural sciences. When we compare the nutrient density of all known species, they also form a bell shape around the mean. When we look at the top edible species we notice that they are precisely four full standard deviations above the mean. In math terms this means that these foods are four sigma and that they are more nutritious than 99.9999% of their brothers and sisters. There’s absolutely no hate against the rest, but it does prove that these guys pack a punch.

After several years of personal experimenting our team got enough of using pills and superfoods that that are awkward to use and don’t create noticeable results. So we scratched our own itch! Now and in the future all our Four Sigma Foods products aim to hit the Triple E. We want to bring you super-simple health foods that deliver concrete results in an ecological way.


Four Sigma Foods is a health food company founded by a group of passionate funguys in 2012.
We want to bring the ancient wisdom to modern times through effective and easy-to-use natural food products.

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